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Teaching Materials

Our strategic partnership is aiming to create and publish teaching materials can be freely utilized by teachers and learners across the globe. The listing below shows materials which we have committed ourselves to create and publish. Further materials might be added depending on our capacities and future endeavours.

The materials presented here are published under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license. This means they can be used and reproduced free of charge for non-profit purposes, contingent on attribution.

Introduction to Uralic Studies

Photo: Jeremy Bradley

This slide set will represent a general introduction to the discipline of Uralic studies for students, scholars, and enthusiast with no prior knowledge of Uralic languages and linguistics.


Photo: Jeremy Bradley

We are creating audiovisual and interactive teaching materials to complement resources already created by the University of Vienna's Mari Web Project. More information is to follow.

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Photo: Jeremy Bradley

We are creating an introduction to Uralic etyomological research. More information is to follow.

Fieldwork Methods

Photo: Jeremy Bradley

We are creating an introduction to linguistic fieldwork methods in Uralic studies. More information is to follow.



This German-language textbook is an adaptation of the 1960 Russian-language textbook Самоучитель мансийского языка by A. N. Balandin (1911–1972) originally created for Mansi courses at the University of Vienna.

You can cite this textbook as follows:

Riese, Timothy & Jeremy Bradley (eds) 2020. A. N. Balandins Einführung in das Mansische. Vienna: University of Vienna/COPIUS [published online at]

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